Prohibited and restricted goods

Prohibited and restricted goods:
There are quantitative restrictions or special authorization requirements for sending or ordering certain goods to Estonia. Be sure to check the special requirements before shipping or ordering!
The following cannot be sold on
smokeless tobacco products,
 narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances,
 medicinal products containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances,
 whole blood or blood components,
 anabolic steroids,
 tissues or cells used for medical purposes,
 advanced therapy medicinal products,
 firearms and essential components thereof,
 ammunition and components thereof,
 tear and nerve gas canisters,
 inert explosive devices and ammunition and their copies, including, for example, inert grenades and shells and their copies,
 radioactive substances,
 toxic substances,
 mail order sale of medicinal products, except from registered online pharmacies
 delivery of medicines ordered online, except from registered online pharmacies, by post or courier
 ordering and shipping of consumer goods with counterfeit trademark such as clothing, shoes, watches, etc.
 ordering and shipping pirated goods, including pirated copies on CDs, DVDs, video and audio cassettes, etc. We recommend keeping the receipts for CDs, cassettes, etc.
 Adults only,
 Offensive items, Police related items, Stolen property,
 Prohibited services,
 Personal information and similar services,
 Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials,
Alcoholic Beverages Sales Post 22:00 is forbidden!
Please be informed that serves solely as an online digital menu platform for restaurants and vendors. We neither process nor deliver orders directly, nor do we have instant control over the items listed by individual vendors on our platform. Furthermore, while we strive to monitor and remove prohibited items, individual vendors have the autonomy to create and edit product listings on our platform. This means there might be instances when items temporarily bypass our checks. Rest assured, we continuously work to ensure compliance and uphold our platform’s standards, but the responsibility also lies with our sellers to list appropriate and permissible products.
Vendor Responsibilities:
All vendors are independently responsible for the products they offer and sell through It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to adhere to any applicable regulations and laws, including those related to the sale of alcoholic beverages.
 If a customer places an order, vendors have the discretion to either mark the order as “processing” or to cancel the order entirely. Therefore, any acceptance of an order containing alcoholic beverages after 22:00 is entirely the responsibility of the vendor. It’s imperative that vendors remain compliant with regional and European Union regulations concerning the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages.
EU Online Sales Regulation:
According to EU regulations, sellers must comply with local laws, which, in many EU member states, restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages after certain hours. urges all vendors to familiarize themselves with these laws and abide by them. is not liable for any non-compliance by vendors and any resulting consequences. Customers are encouraged to report any vendor non-compliance they encounter.
 Feedback and Reports:
Customers are encouraged to report any vendor non-compliance they encounter. Additionally, please feel free to report to us any products or services found on that may be of concern to by email:

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